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Nonprofit Consultants Organization

The Nonprofit Consultants Organization was founded for the purpose of serving, improving and connecting communities across the nation. To fulfil this responsibility, we partner with the best, most influential nonprofits that seek to bring everyone in the community together for a greater purpose.

    Our partnerships are very select and are not designed for every nonprofit directly. With the concept of indirect partnerships in mind however, we’ve asked some of the most talented industry leaders to create an educational curriculum that would supplement the partnership opportunity, giving every nonprofit the chance to reach as many community members as possible.

At the Nonprofit Consultants Organization we believe that through the use of ethical digital marketing that’s commonly found in the for-profit world, we can make a positive impact through our direct and indirect nonprofit partners.  


The Consultants

The team of consultants (left to right): Brett Ford, Andrew Kovach, Igor Holt, Austin Stubbs and Rodney Kidd

The team of consultants (left to right): Brett Ford, Andrew Kovach, Igor Holt, Austin Stubbs and Rodney Kidd

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Stubbs Creative

Kovach Enterprises

This Enterprise Level Marketing Management Agency is based out of San Antonio, Texas and brings the high tech field of digital marketing to the rough and untouched industries.   


Stubbs Creative

"We help brands engage and communicate with their audience through our integration of focused design and creative content production."


Marketing for Nonprofits

Google Adwords For NonProfits

         We help non-profits become self sufficient by working with them to turn the Google ad grant into a reliable and predictable stream of revenue.  We use Google Adwords to help non-profits utilize the $10,000/month ad grant that Google gives to every 501(c)3 nonprofit. Many non-profits do non take advantage of this grant because they either don't know it exists, or they don't know how to monetize the Google advertising money.





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